Fostering community is important to us at Front Porch Refillery. We hope to provide our customers and community members with resources to make sustainable living easier. 

Community Recycling Initiative

Disposing of hard-to-recycle items can be a bit confusing and inconvenient. So, we are here to make it easier. With each order you place, you may leave the below items out and we will ensure they're recycled properly. Household batteries, writing instruments and and light bulbs. 

We also collect Bread Tags, Milk Bags (the colourful outer bag) and Pop Can Tabs. These items will then be taken to the Hummingbird Hub in Stouffville.

Lastly, our newest addition (which will only be during warm months), is collecting produce baskets (usually green in colour) and mushroom containers (solid, light plastic; often blue or brown). These will be collected and brought to the Baker Hill Community Garden for them to bring fresh produce to the Stouffville Food Bank.

 Front porch refillery logo with "Community Recycling Initiative" below it. A battery, pen, food pouch and lightbulb picture below indicating what items can be picked up with orders to be recycled. *we no longer accept food pouches

Community Fundraising Initiative

We believe that sustainability doesn't end with recycling and low-waste living. It extends to fostering strong community so that every person in our community feels supported and seen. As such, we are pleased to set aside 1% of sales in support of various invaluable organizations that serve our community.  Currently, we are donating to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

Past Organizations Donated to:
Green background with black text. Front porch refillery logo with line underneath. Below logo reads "community Fundraising Initiative". In the middle of the image, York Support Services logo and at the bottom, reads "November: York Support Services Network"
Front Porch Refillery logo on top (liquid drop with door in middle). Stouffville Food Bank Logo in middle. Grey background with black/grey writing.
Front Porch Refillery logo on top (liquid drop with door inside of it) on grey background with black writing. Black Lives Matter logo in middle with fist.

Recycling - What goes where?

York Region has two ways to help you decide what goes where: Bindicator and Recycle Coach App.

We like the Recycle Coach for how easy it is to use on your phone. If you're going to throw something in the blue bin but aren't too sure, just open the app and double check. To download click here.

York Region: Bindicator is also a great tool. We find it more user-friendly on our desktop computer than our phone. In our experience, Bindicator is the most up-to-date tool. To use the tool click here

Durham Region: Know Before You Throw is a great tool! Check it out here.