Container Types

BYOC: Bring Your Own Container is when you leave out a container for us to fill with product. Any container goes, so long as it holds liquid and is clean + dry. Please label your bottles according to what you'd like where. Get creative with your reuses! For example, ketchup bottles make for great shampoo/conditioner bottles, pickle jars + yogurt containers are great for any tablets. 

FOR BYOC: Quantity of 1 = 1 ounce unless otherwise stated (e.g. for tabs in which case 1 = 1 tab). If you want 8 ounces, order 8 of a BYOC product. 

While we ask that your containers are clean and dry, there is one exception. If you are refilling with THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT from us (i.e. topping up on what you have left), then it's ok if there is some left over. Please just wipe around the top where we refill to help us keep things as clean as possible. 

Pre-Filled: Product delivered in our deposit jars. There is a fully refundable $2 deposit with this type of refill. Simply rinse out your undamaged jar when you're done and leave it out with your next delivery and we will refund you. This method is great if you like having product as 'back up' in your cupboards. You can refill your containers from these jars. The jars are similar to a salsa jar (wide opening). A funnel is helpful for transferring without spillage (we have them for sale in the shop if you do not have one on hand).

Ready-to-Go: These are products in containers that you would use the product directly out of. This is just like purchasing something conventionally from the store shelf. The bottles we use are often glass but sometimes plastic (i.e. shampoo bottles are plastic since it is shower safe) and intended to be refilled again and again.

Ready-to-Go bath bombs and tablets are delivered in recycled kraft paper bags.

BulkLooking to have your very own refill station and want to save a little cash? Bulk is a great option since you save 10%. We drop off a 4L (135 oz) bottle with a pump top. Store this in your home for easy refilling of your own containers. A $6 deposit for pump + bottle will be added to your cart and refunded upon return of a functional, rinsed out bottle + pump.