A refillery is an eco-friendly store where you can refill every day products without all the plastic waste normally associated with shopping for soaps, cleaners and other household staples. By using your own, existing containers (or refilling with our returnable jars), you can refill over and over without the need for any new containers - and that's a win for our planet! 



Recycling isn't all it's cracked up to be. Unfortunately, recycling rates aren't very high; especially for plastic. In fact, only ~9% of plastic ever made has been recycled. Shocking, right? We thought so too. That's why refilling is such an important step to decreasing waste and our overall reliance on single-use plastic.

If you want to learn more about recycling in Canada, we highly recommend watching Tracking your plastic: Exposing recycling myths (Marketplace) 

*Statistic source



All of our Refill products are Canadian made. We take the time to source products that are as local as possible. It is important, from an environmental perspective, to carry products made close-by since transporting goods contributes to carbon emissions. 



You have two options for refilling: BYOC and Pre-filled

Option 1: Bring Your Own Container (BYOC)

Leave your clean, empty and undamaged containers on your porch and we will refill for you. If you choose this option, you'll pay per ounce (don't worry, we deduct the weight of your container so you only pay for the product).

Make sure an accurate estimate is made of your container's volume. If you order more product than can fit, we will refund you the difference.

Please ensure you label the containers so we know what you would like where.

We are happy to refill any containers that meet the above requirements. It does not have to be fancy or beautiful, just functional. For example, old plastic ketchup bottles make for great shampoo/conditioner bottles!

Option 2: Pre-filled

We drop off glass jars of product and you refill your containers at your leisure. Note: there is a $2 fully refundable deposit per product to encourage returns and reuse. Pre-filled refills are available in 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 oz (32 oz available only for larger volume products; smaller volumes for items like face butter). 

We also have Ready-to-Go items which are just as they sound, ready-to-go. This is similar to what you may grab from a store shelf but we carry only sturdy bottles that we hope you will refill again and again.



Any clean, empty and undamaged container that can hold liquid can be used. It does not need to be a fancy glass jar (but it sure can be!). The idea is to use and reuse what you already have. So, instead of tossing a bottle/container into the blue bin, think about whether you could refill it with something else and give the container new life! 



The majority of the bulk containers we use (a mix of plastic and glass) are sent back to our suppliers to be filled again and again. For those that are not refillable, we try our best to repurpose them and recycle only as a last resort. We are committed to creating the lowest waste possible.



That's a hard no. We do not carry any products that are tested on animals. 



Yes, all of the products we carry are septic-safe.



Definitely. We would love to help your business lessen their environmental impact and make an easy eco-friendly change to refills. Please contact us to discuss.  



That's a tricky question since chemicals can be both good and bad. We pride ourselves in sourcing high quality, naturally derived products. We list all of the product ingredients so you can make an informed decision on what's best for you and your family. We frequently use ewg.org as a reference when we are unsure of an ingredient.



Of course we will! Just make sure you provide instructions for us at checkout. Or if you prefer, porch pick-up from us is always an option.



We deliver to Stouffville, Markham and Uxbridge and surrounding areas. If you live outside of these towns, just shoot us a message and we can discuss. Of course, we are always happy to arrange for you to do a porch pickup from us.

If your postal code starts with: L4A, L0C, L0G, L6B, L6C**, L6E, L3P or L9P - we deliver to you!

L4A Deliveries are free over $15. For all other postal codes, minimum order is $25. For orders $25-40 the fee is $5. Over $40 is free! 

**Only addresses east of Kennedy Road

Delivery may be available outside these postal codes for a fee but please inquire first before placing order. 



Yes. We will not ring your door bell unless there is an issue. You do not need to be home for delivery but please remember, our products can freeze in colder weather so plan accordingly.



Yes, but the date you choose is only the drop off date. We will contact you when your bottles are ready for pick up (next day usually).



We sell all of our BYOC products by weight, as this the best way to ensure accuracy in dispensing. Due to the viscosity of the liquids and the varying containers used by customers, it is difficult to measure by volume. It is also worth noting that measuring by weight is often required by our suppliers. The ml figure (28ml/oz) on the product page is an estimate to help customers determine the correct quantity.