Refills for Businesses

Looking for a way to make your business more eco-friendly? We can help! We offer affordable, low-waste refills for cleaners, hand sanitizer, soaps and more for businesses in York and Durham Region.

Our Refills for Small Business Program is an easy and convenient way to reduce your office/business' waste. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with pricing and more information on the Program. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Light green circle with a Drop logo with a door inside. On the door is a recycling logo. Around the outside of the circle are the words "Refills for small business program - proud partner"

Refills for Small Business proud partners:

Tree Valley Garden Centre Maker's Acre Farm LogoPUSH MarkhamMitri OptometryMaternity WellnessLisa Hicks

Tree Valley Garden Centre Ltd.

Maker's Acre Farm

PUSH Markham

Mitri Optometry

Maternity Wellness (an RMT who treats non-maternity patients too)

Lisa Hicks & the Neurodivergent Support Squad